Dream Village

Community Engagement at Carter P Tech

11.11.20 04:21 PM By Andre - Comment(s)

DV partnered with Carter P-Tech High School for our first outreach event for fall 2020. Our Executive Director Andre Coleman spoke with Carter students about dailing in, stay focus, and finding motivation during the pandemic. We are looking forward to partnering with Carter for spring of 2021.

Game Changers

24.10.20 03:06 PM By Andre - Comment(s)
DREAM Village partnered Austin Alphas, to provide a opportunity to see a college campus and experience a U of Texas football game while educating them on the life skills they will need to succeed in life.

VIDEO: 2020 DREAM Village Leadership Academy Scholarship Award Winner

19.09.20 03:00 PM By Andre - Comment(s)

Our Dream Village Executive Leadership Academy scholarship recipient - Delaney Shiono

VIDEO: DREAM Village Tutoring Program Results

11.09.20 02:44 PM By Andre - Comment(s)
1st annual DREAM Village ACT Prep Course

VIDEO: DREAM Village ACT/SAT Prep Participant

06.07.20 02:28 PM By Andre - Comment(s)

The Mission of DREAM Village/TPTs educational program is to provide an elite, effective, proven data producing, academic skill enhancing and engaging programming that will do four of the following things: 1. Assess each student’s Academic GE (Grade Equivalency). 2. Provide Targeted Tutoring in the c...

DREAM Village Tutoring Program Session

27.03.20 02:19 PM By Andre - Comment(s)
Kansas City Chief WR Byron Pringle stops by tutoring session to offer encouragement.